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More dates to come. Peace & Love – D


Truck Stop Gypsies

Miranda Gatewood-8139

Big Fun62243587_146708849722706_8304273332140769280_o

I recently had a big birthday and what better for a birthday present then a new drum. Diane and Antonio got this 1990’s Slingerland Concert King snare for me. This represents that very unique time in Slingerland’s lifetime that Gibson owned the company. This is a beautiful instrument that is very simply designed. Just a beautiful piece of maple (six plies) a simple strainer and hardware. I love it! D

The Farm Recordings – Back on March 31st 2018, I had the pleasure to record at Mick Hargreaves Lantern Sound Recording Rig with both the East End Trio and the Truck Stop Gypsies. This was an opportunity to record live and capture some of the magic of our live performances. Here is the first of the gypsies releases from these recordingsGypsies S18

The Truck Stop Gypsies – Summer 2018

© Miranda Gatewood-5610

The rhythm twins – Doug and Miranda at the gig!

Doug behind the drums





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