Douglas A. Morrow – AKA Doug on the drums – Drumset

DAM Drum head logoAfter attending the Berklee School of Music, Doug moved to New York City. He worked as a composer, producer and percussionist for soundtracks and jingles, and performed in a variety of live situations. He built a reputation working in both accompanying and improvisational environments. He has had the opportunity to work with some of New York’s finest players. Doug’s approach to playing is quite simple as he enjoys providing the pocket, time and space for players to work off of. He enjoys making other players sound better and he enjoys performing a wide range of music both stylistically and culturally. “I really enjoy the opportunity to work in a rhythm section that makes the song work and everyone around it sound good.”

In the 1980’s Doug formed the Gone Tribe. The tribe is a group of musicians that come together in a variety of musical situations. They were known for their exploration, improvisation, experimentation, collaboration and friendship. The Gone Tribe produced music for film and video, American Radio Works and more. Their Hobo project and Little Stories CD’s were released on the Skydiver record label and received critical acclaim. The band featured musicians such as Keith Thompson (international recording artist), Charlie DeChant (Hall and Oates), Brian Mitchell (Levon Helm Band / Dwight Yokam) and bassist/producer Kyle Simms. In the 1990’s Doug expanded his work into television production and formed D.A.M. Video Inc. to provide a variety of music and visual production services. He has worked with such clients as HBO, NBC, Madison Square Garden, Jim Henson Productions, United Nations Television and PBS. Since 1998 Doug has taught as a Professor of Television Production at Hofstra University in the department of Radio, Television and Film.Stuio 2

On a personal note, Doug (a beach bum) moved his home from NYC to Rocky Point, New York. He lives with his wife Diane and his son Antonio. Doug is known for his strong groove with a light touch along with having a good time on the band stand.

Email dam@damvideo.com