The Gone Tribe

What makes the Tribe’s production process unique is their willingness to experiment, combined with a respect for their audience.

D4The Gone Tribe was put together in 1984 by New York producer, composer and percussionist Douglas Morrow. The Tribe creates a focus for the talents and energies of an ever-changing, ever-expanding group of creative and technical people. The Gone Tribe has produced soundtracks, videos, pop projects, musical stories and more. Their personnel features some of New York’s hottest sidemen…with such credits as the Drifters, Hall and Oates, the Meters, Pablo Moses and more. What makes the Tribe’s production process unique is their willingness to experiment, combined with a respect for their audience.

The evolution: It began in 1984 with a self titled, independently released, pop project. The GONE TRIBE put Doug’s almost workshop-style production method to the test. It succeeded in capturing the excitement too often missing from more labored approaches. The 1985 follow-up FREE FOR ALL, moved the context away from pop to more of a soundtrack approach with story boarding. The next project, STREETSQUALK, received critical praise with selections being used in commercial soundtracks and film. In 1987, The Gone Tribe produced EAST MEETS WEST, a soundtrack for producer Chiori Miyagawa and Capital recording artist, Keith Thompson. After all these multitrack recording projects, the Gone Tribe recorded the first of what would become a series of live recordings around a core group of musicians. THE GONE TRIBE LIVE, COMBOS NEW YORK… LIVE and THE HOBO PROJECT, have all received critical acclaim and college radio airplay. The Gone Tribe’s HOBO PROJECT, was produced for American Radio Works as a two part radio play and was simultaneously released on CD by Skydiver records. Through historically accurate hobo slang and themes, the HOBO PROJECT reminds the listener that the American Hobo was part of the working class (and, by implication, not to be confused with today’s gonetribehomeless population). The project was eventually produced for live presentation in a theater setting and performed off Broadway in New York City. The Gone Tribes LITTLE STORIES marks the eighth release by the group. The project features narrative stories, songs, musical beds and remixes that create a unique presentation of music along with a dare to be entertained performance attitude. LITTLE STORIES features many longtime regulars along with new comer Jennifer Ogden taking center stage on vocals. The group is very excited about the material which features an incredible rhythm section performing material with a real world beat flavor.

For more information about the Gone Tribe and to receive any of our recorded materials, reach Doug at and you can visit us at Reverbnation.

Gone Tribe Illustration by Walter Sargent