The Gone Tribes Peace & Love Project

cover-back-copy-2The Gone Tribe’s Peace and Love project is released! The Tribe’s first new CD in 15 years is now available. Reach us to recieve a copy! DM

The Gone Tribe has recorded it’s first project in fifteen years. This past March Doug assembled a group of musical friends to record at Mick Hargreaves Lantern Studios in Manorville New York. The project titled “the Peace and Love Project” was recorded live and featured music and improvisation very much in the moment. .Jim Fleming played violin and electric guitar, Greg (Mando Grin) Butler played mandolin, Craig Privett perfromed on bass guitar, Brian (Uncle B) Johnson played percussion and Doug played his 1963 black diamond Ludwig drums.

Guests at the session  included Doug’s musical partner (in the East End Trio) Mike Munzer on acoustic guitar, Doug’s long time friend Walter Sargent on organ and vocals on “Rumor’s.” Doug’s friend Dave Cook performed the lead vocals on “Love is a Silly Thing” and his brother Peter Pavlonis jammed on electric guitar for both “Rumors” and “I dare ya.”

All songs were written by Doug with the exception “Papa’s Rag” and “Lilly’s Smile” which were both written by Mike Munzer and “TBD” written by Greg Butler.

“This was an incredibly rewarding experience with some of the best performers I have had the opportunity to work with. I had wanted to return to the studio for some time and after reaching out to this group of performers and finding this incredible studio and vibe, I knew it was time. The tunes were primarily written as shells to let this group improvise and shape the songs. I could never have dreamed for this type of outcome. Nine songs recorded in a day. Great friendship, collaboration and much peace and love.” – Doug

You can check out samples from the Peace and Love project along with other Gone Tribe samples by visiting the Gone Tribe at Reverbnation.

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